Phaans | Short Movie | Happy Republic Day 2017

Phaans is a melodramatic short movie depicting pre-conceived notions of considering anyone with apprehensive appearances as unwelcoming and potential threat to the society. An individual crosses path with a man with such appearance and pursues him to notice suspicious activities which further leads to spread of rumour by this individual. The thought itself is heart wrenching and revolves around social injustice & ignorance. Should physical appearances be allowed to exemplify someone’s character? What happens to the family when someone is obliterated in a fake encounter? It is not just the system which is responsible but somewhere deep down we, as a human being, are also responsible.

Watch full movie here
Director: Praveen Tripathi
Assistant Director: Geet Tiwari
Producer: Anju Dhingra
Co-Producer: Anil Sharma
Writer: Vipul Singh
Background Score: Prakash G. Nar
Director of Photography: Alamgir Shaikh
Editor: Shahnshah Gupta
Additional Screen Play: Ashutosh Tiwari
Casting Director: Trilok Karnwanshi
Publicity & Design: Abhishek Dhingra
Location Co-ordinator: K K Gautam
Dubbing Studio: Sai Media

Watch full movie here

Phaans | Official Movie

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