Bablu Hai Na | Episode 3 | Season 1 | Web Series

bablu hai na episode 3


Bablu is a happy-go-lucky man who gets involved in solving issues between his friends who are in a relationship. Will he be able to solve their problem?!

Watch the episode here.

K K Gautam India
Amit Mishra
Roshni Verma

Direction – Saurabh Adya Pandey
Producer – Anju Dhingra
DOP – Dharmendra Singh
Music – Parkash G Nar
Story & Screenplay – Ranju Cycloney
Marketing & Design – Abhishek Dhingra
Dubbing – Sai Media
Assistant Director – Shailnder Saroj

Special thanks:
Vikrant Singh Thakur
Shaily Sharma
Radhika Agrawal Mittal
Deepa Agrawal
Krishma Rajput

Watch the episode here

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